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Yoga 101 Workshop Series: Connection

Explore how yoga lives in the everyday.

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  • 90 Canadian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

This 4-week virtual workshop series is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga as it applies to daily life. New and experienced yoga practitioners are welcome. Week 1: Staying Open: "Brahmavihara" or The Four Qualities of the Heart Our social connections play an important part in our daily life. This workshop will explore the role of our relationships in our spiritual development and the value of staying open-hearted with others. Week 2: Living With Purpose: The Four "Purusharthas" or Aims of Life The purusharthas ask us to consider if we are living a fulfilling, successful, and connected life while providing insight on how to engage skillfully in the world. Week 3: On Separateness & How to Connect: Uncovering the Three "Malas" or Veils The experience of separateness and disconnection in life come from a force known as mala. By understanding the three malas, you will gain perspective on the universal nature of thoughts and how they can limit us from seeing who we truly are. Week 4: Causes of Suffering: Exploring the "Kleshas" or Afflictions of the Mind Yoga can be classified as an intervention strategy. As you learn about the kleshas of ignorance, ego, craving, aversion, and fear, you will develop tools on how to intervene and manage your mental suffering while increasing your overall state of connection. Each workshop will be held online. You can expect short and interactive presentations, prompts for reflective journalling, and group discussions in the first hour of the workshop followed by an embodied yoga practice with meditation in the second hour. Single workshops are $25. Contact me at if you're interested in this option. To attend the full workshop series, you can register below.

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